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Review: Richard Brabham aka “Always Pampered Pet Sitters”:

“I have always had a neighbor known to me watching my two cats while I am away, but on this trip, the neighbor was accompanying me, so that option was out!  I was forced into the world of the unknown, having to trust someone not only with my pets, but with access to my home.

Luck seemed to be on my side when I discovered Richard’s service on a local online advertising site.  My first call to him was very pleasant with Richard setting up an appointment to visit my home and my pets – which I thought was a very nice touch.  Luckily – he bonded immediately with the one cat  who was social.

Richard presented me with a detailed questionnaire and contract available including information about use of veterinary services, details of feeding, cleaning, animal “quirks”, key and home security.

Upon my return, the cats were happy.  Richard supplied a daily diary of the comings and goings of my pets, verifying that indeed, he did spend quality time with them.

The experience with “Always Pampered Pet Sitters” is true to its title.  Anyone using Richard can rest assured that their animals will receive honest and heartfelt attention and love while you are away.

Elaine M.

Richard Brabham of Always Pampered Pet Sitters has done an outstanding job of walking my two very large dogs. One of them is elderly and needs gentle treatment, the other is just a year and needs to get a real workout on a walk, and Richard has done that beautifully. In addition, he is completely reliable, as well as reasonably priced. I’d recommend him enthusiastically for whatever pet care he says he can provide, from dog walking to pet sitting and related needs.

K.G., Richmond, CA

Richard spent a week at our house taking care of our two large dogs, 3 chickens, two ducks and one fish. The dogs were very happy and content when we got home, obviously feeling loved during our absence. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Chickens are chickens, and there’s no telling how they feel, but our very spoiled couch potatoes were extremely well taken care of and his daily notes were a joy to read. He truly has the gift of animal sensitivity.Even though he didn’t have to, he let the birds roam free during the day. They can be a pain to get back in the coop sometimes but he as able to keep them to their routine. And I suspect he roped our pit bull into helping him round them up.

Doris, Richmond CA

We recently hired Richard Brabham to care for our pets for a few days last month, and we were very happy. Richard was very attentive to our pet’s needs as well as keeping our home safe and secure. He was extremely friendly and professional and took the extra time to learn about our animals so he could give them personal attention. We have a dog and a parrot, and both seemed very relaxed and happy upon our return home.  It means so much to us to have peace of mind when we go away and can’t bring our animals with us.

I should add that our situation was somewhat unique in that we didn’t know our exact departure and return, and Richard was happy to work with us. I know that he can’t guarantee that kind of flexibility for every pet sitting arrangement, but the fact he was willing to accommodate our schedule put him a step above other pet sitting services.

I wanted to share our experience in case anyone else in the neighborhood is looking for a reliable and caring pet sitter.

Raelene, El Cerrito

I was in Colorado, and my husband was gone for 2 days, so Richard came and stayed for us – our 2 dogs, 3 cats and temporary (?) resident Auntie Em didn’t disturb the neighbors, didn’t tear up the house, and didn’t seem to even care when he got back (so much for man’s best friend!)  I didn’t even feel the need to call and check in with Richard – I knew by how the animals reacted when he came before I left that they were in good hands.

Ellen, Richmond

Richard Brabham is a Wonderful Pet Sitter!

Back in June my husband and I hired Richard to care for our two older chihuahuas when we went on vacation and he exceeded our expectations in every way!

He spent time before we left meeting with us and getting to know our dogs a bit. I admit they are a tough pair that come from abusive backgrounds and don’t always trust new people but Richard took his time. In fact, by the end of our vacation he had even been able to pet our girl dog who has real fear and trust issues with men.

He really personalizes the care he gives, keeps you updated, and is patient and gentle. Not to mention local (right here in North & East) and reasonably priced.

Thank you again so much, Richard! And we hope you can take care of our babies again in the future.

Jessica, Richmond

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